Al Tadamun is keen to develop its employees by enhancing their skills & enriching their knowledge that would help them in their functional areas

Since its inception in 2000, Al Tadamun has served almost 1 million clients in more than 47 branches, in nine governorates in Egypt

If you want to share our values, want to show your enthusiasm, and use your talent and experience then go ahead and apply.

Workshops & Training Updates

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    March 4th, 2018

    A nine day training program was conducted for 15 newly appointed staff for our three branches in Minya governorate; Samalout, Beni Mazar, and Maghagha. The training courses tackled the following topics: Training for new employees Policies and procedures of Group and Individual Loan products. Management tasks. Evaluate the Creditworthiness of clients wishing to obtain the individual loans. Trainers who conducted …

    February 14th, 2018

    On February 14, 2018, the first workshop was held to identify and solve the challenges faced by Al Tadamun’s clients using the participatory innovation methodology within the framework of cooperation between Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation and the

    September 6th, 2015

    A total of 70 staff members from Al Tadamun including department heads, area managers, branch managers, senior field coordinators, finance and admin officers

    September 1st, 2015

    Al Tadamun training officer attended a Training of Trainers course for three days from September 1 -3, 2015 in Jordon.

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    August 7th, 2015

    Al Tadamun HR Manager attended a six-day training conducted by Ein Shams University for Human Resources Management from August 7-12, 2015.

    December 21st, 2014

    Al Tadamun’s Marketing & Communications Officer attended a seminar on Social Media for Business that was organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Cairo, on December 21, 2014 at Conrad Hotel, Cairo. The workshop provided businesses with the tools and resources to implement today’s latest social and digital strategies effectively and profitably. The workshop …

    March 16th, 2014

    A total of 191 staff members from Al Tadamun attended a residential training course on Al Tadamun’s core values. The event was organized by WellSpring Egypt.

    June 12th, 2013

    Al Tadamun conducted its second round of “Selling Skills for Loan Officers” training program for 18 participants during June 12 – 13, 2013. The program is designed to address the skills needed by loan officers to orient and attract potential clients and retain current ones.  

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    Employee of The Year 2015

    Mohamed Safwat Abd El Monem

    Personnel Manager

    Mohamed Safwat Abd El Monem, Personnel Manager was awarded the “Employee of the Year” Award for her outstanding performance during 2015.

  • 817

    Employee of The Year 2016

    ِAbeer Hamed

    Field Coordinator

    Abeer Mohamed Hamed, Field Coordinator, was awarded the “Employee of the Year” Award for her outstanding performance during 2016. In addition, three nominees were given awards.

  • 499

    Employee of The Year 2017

    Hussien Abu El Sebaa

    Branch Expansion Officer

    Hussien Abu El Sebaa, Branch Expansion Officer, was awarded the “Employee of the Year” Award for his outstanding performance during 2017. In addition, four nominees were given awards.

Employee Awards

  • 719
    Ali Radwan

    Employee of the Year Nominee
    – Training Specialist

    Karim Gomaa

    Employee of the Year Nominee
    – Senior Accountant

    Mohamed Salah

    Employee of the Year Nominee
    Technical Support Hardware and Network

    Salma Bahgat

    Employee of the Year Nominee
    Marketing Officer

    Amr Samir

    Mona Zulficar Award
    IT Coordinator
    Award Value: 10,000 L.E.

    Shaimaa Zaki

    Mona Zulficar Award
    Best Field Coordinator
    Marg El Qadima
    Award Value: 10,000 (EGP)

  • 361
    Amira Mostafa

    Mona Zulficar Award
    Best Field Coordinator
    Award Value: 10,000 (EGP)

    Fayza Maher

    Mona Zulficar Award
    Best Field Coordinator
    Weast Shobra El Khima
    Award Value: 10,000 (EGP)

    Dina Emad

    Mona Zulficar Award
    Award Value: 10,000 (EGP)

    Ramadan Farouk

    Mona Zulficar Award
    Office Assistant
    Marag El Qadyma
    Award Value: 10,000 (EGP)

    Osama Mohammed

    Mona Zulficar Award
    Data Entry
    Marag El Gadeda
    Award Value: 10,000 (EGP)

    Mohammed Sobhi

    Mona Zulficar Award
    Financial Assistant
    West El Marag
    Award Value: 10,000 (EGP)

  • 774

    It is a pleasure to be a part of    Al Tadamun team since 2000. What makes me happy is helping women and that Al Tadamun gives a message of hope to all peopleFawzy El Mashad
    Office Assistant

  • 771

    I learned, in Al Tadamun supporting people. So, they love me. And this motivates me to continue at   Al TadamunAya Mostafa
    Field Coordinator

  • 768

    Visiting our clients & learning more about the emotional side of their stories is what inspires me the most. It is amazing how far Al Tadamun changed their livesNoha Elsayed
    Marketing & Communications Director

  • 493

    I have Learned in Al Tadamun that we make success not the circumstances and the core of success comes from transparencyShimaa Hafez 
    Customer Service Assistant

Current Job Vacancies

If you want to bring in your talent, experience and professionalism to an organization that is highly dependent on the contribution and commitment of every individual within a leading team and if you want to share our values and want to show your enthusiasm and use your talent and experience then go ahead and apply.

Interested candidates may kindly send an updated CV (not more than 3 pages) to

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