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Al Tadamun Partnerships






Al Tadamun signed a three year cooperation agreement during September 2013 with International Finance Corporation, IFC in cooperation with SANAD Fund for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).


The overall goal of this project is to support Al Tadamun in its efforts to build resilience, diversity product offering, and enhance institutional capacity. In doing so, the project will ultimately allow Al Tadamun to regain its place as one of the key players in the microfinance industry in Egypt evidenced by improved portfolio quality and increased outreach. The project is compromised of three components as follows:

  • Risk Management
  • Product Development
  • Institutional Capacity Building







The National Bank of Egypt, NBD, is the oldest commercial bank in Egypt which was established in June 1898. Al Tadamun has signed a partnership agreement with NBD since 2010. The partnership is in the form of line of credit given to Al Tadamun by ensuring deposit. The partnership is ongoing until to-date.





In 2013, Al Tadamun celebrated 10 years of partnership with Grameen Jameel. Al Tadamun was the first partner in the Arab region for Gameel Jameel back in the year 2003.




Al Tadamun Memberships




During 2011, Al Tadamun became a principal member at the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, AMCHAM. The purpose of the membership is to participate in relevant seminars and workshops organized by the AMCHAM. It is also a super opportunity for Al Tadamun to network with potential donors in Egypt. Al Tadamun also became a member in the Egyptian Microfinance Network during the same year. 




Since 2004, Al Tadamun has been an active member at Sanabel – The Microfinance Network of Arab Countries.Al Tadamun has benefited from the various training programs and conferences that have been provided by Sanabel throughout the past 10 years .

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